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Swedo Ankle

Superior Support Comes From Patented Features:
* Exclusive patented Ankle Lok offset flap. Only Swede-O has a patented outside offset Ankle Lok flap which when laced tightly pulls the ankle into a stable position and holds it more securely than any other lace-up ankle brace.
* Patented Ankle Lok close spaced eyelets. Swede-O has a patented set of close spaced Ankle Lok eyelets in the middle to concentrate the holding power where it's most needed.
* Patented internal U-shaped spiral stays. Swede-O has a pair of stainless steel U-shaped spiral wound stays which are built into each brace which provide extra support and further minimize the chance for ankle injury. Superior Comfort Comes From The Exclusive Swede-O Design
* In an independent sudy of athletes Swede-O ankle braces were chosen as most comfortable.
* Full elastic back. Only Swede-O has elastic all the way up the back of the brace to ensure complete unresricted blood flow to the Achilles' tendon and vertually eliminates the chance for blistering.
* Short curved heat-sealed arch. Only Swede-O has a short curved arch which fits the contour of the foot and is seamless so you don't feel the seam. This shorter arch allows full range of motion comfortably.
* Triple layer woven vinyl laminate. Only Swede-O uses more layers of this woven material which conforms to the shape of your foot. Triple layers which are light but super strong give Swede-O its low bulk design which fits comfortably in your regular sized athletic shoe.
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Item # 782-4045860



Swedo Ankle


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